Monday, January 18, 2010

Good Food, Good Friends,

 I had to include some pictures from our recent seafood feast with our good friends Ken and Ally.  They arrived at our house with a plethora of seafood, and the feast was born.  No recipes alas, as the seafood part was a spontaneous cooking experience that I failed to record, (must have been the ceasars and the wine...)but I definitly didn't fail to enjoy! I will try and post a few of the recipes soon, like the new flatbread I made, and the coconut brulee that ended our meal , they are both worth repeating multiple times, and I do have the recipes! So, for now, all you get is pictures, I hope you enjoy!

 This is an Algerian Flatbread called Msemmen, from the new Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day book.  It is easy and impressive, and is cooked in a pan on the stove...definitly worth a future blog!

 Red pepper fougasse, recipe link here.

Remnants of some very yummy smoked sheeps milk gouda, even if Ken doesn't really think it was so yummy!!

 Mussels, ready to steam!

Mussels, ready to eat!

Mounds of fresh seafood, shrimp, scallops, monkfish, and squid, from the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto!

Squid Ink Pasta (and my foodie friend Ken in his first ever on-camera blog appearance!)
Cooked and ready for the pasta...
I expected a strong maybe fishy taste from this, but it really had no taste other than that of fresh pasta, good, but not what I expected. (but makes for good pictures!!)
In a word...YUM!I
It went very well with the bottle of East Del Black Cabernet.

Oh, and we cannot forget the dessert, made lactose free just for Ken, Coconut Brulee.  The recipe for this will hopefully be posted soon. It was, in my opinion, better than the Creme Brulee that I made for new years. The coconut milk made it nice and light, and not nearly as rich as the heavy cream base. (and check out my schmolly little blow new favourite kitchen tool!)

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  1. It was pretty damn good considering we just threw it together...